Joomlashack Extensions

This template comes with 3 commercial extensions for free: Shackslides, OSYouTube Pro and Easy Social Icons.

Shack Slides

Shack Slides is the way to intensify your site with images that have style, are fully-responsive and have awesome effects.

We use Shack Slides in the slideshow for the Alasse demo.

Documentation for Shack Slides

Note: to get a full width slideshow in featured position like in our demo in home, edit the Shackslides modules from Extensions > Modules > your module. Then go to Advanced and type the Module Class Suffix: _slider, Container ID: slider.



OSYouTube Pro

OSYouTube allows you to embed YouTube videos simply by copying-and-pasting a video URL from YouTube. The Pro version includes extra features.

We use OSYouTube in the the Alasse demo.

Documentation for OSYouTube



Easy Social Icons

Easy Social Icons is a lightweight module that let you quickly add and manage all your social network links.

We use Easy Social Icons to show social networks icons for the Alasse demo.

Documentation for Easy Social Icons

Menu Styles

On this page you will see all of the menu module options and horizontal nav options.

All of the displayed styles are achieved using either a Module Class Suffix, a Menu Class Suffix, a combination of the two, or no suffixes at all.
Notes are provided under each module to display which suffixes have been used.

Module Class Suffix

The module itself will gain styles based on the Module Class Suffix, which is added in the module's parameters as seen in the screenshot below:

Menu Class Suffix

Menus can be styled with the use of a Menu Class Suffix added to the menu module's parameters as seen below:


Menu and Module Class Suffixes must be proceeded by an empty space. If no space is left before the suffix you will not get the desired formatting results.

Horizontal Menus

Also horizontal menus can be easily created in any position, by adding Menu and Module Class Suffixes to the menu module.

Examples below:

See all Joomla Styles

This page demonstrates how the Joomla default components look with this template. For all of them we have activated all their features, so keep in mind that some of those features can be hidden if you don't want them.

Documentation and Setup

Built on Joomlashack's Wright Template Framework, Alasse offers many default Bootstrap styles. You can use them as is or customize them to your liking. Please note that this documentation applies to Wright version 3.

The following documentation provides a look at styles and example code for all of the available styles, as well as basic template setup documentation.

For help with setting up or using your template, please post in the Help Center for assistance

Check out the documentation topics available for this template:

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